Saturday, December 11, 2004

YD's Rant of the Day for December 10, 2004

I'm always amazed how conservative nut jobs process information. (I can’t bring myself to apply the term “thinking” to this process.) A CBS publicist contacted an anti-war blogger about an upcoming 60 Minutes show featuring American soldiers who have deserted over Bush’s War. The blogger provided a link to the 60 Minutes story, broadcast times and some commentary about bloggers and CBS.

A conservative website that exists to target CBS news in general and Dan Rather in particular breathlessly reported CBS news is “recruiting” “liberal/anti-war” bloggers to talk up the 60 Minutes show, and linked to three blogs, including this one, that also linked to the CBS story. The writer claimed these links were provided “in preparation” for the 60 Minutes story, implying the story links on these other blogs were also provided at the request of CBS News.

In other words, the conservative nut job who wrote this piece made the mental leap from one blogger who provided a link at the request of a CBS publicist to a vast conspiracy of bloggers consisting of every anti-Bush War blogger who linked to the CBS story. This is a classic example of a thinking process impeded by a fixed delusional system.

The story of this conspiracy is now rocketing through the conservative Monkey Network. I’ve found four conservative blogs carrying the story and linking to my blog. Martin Kelley, who posted the link at the request of CBS, has counted many more. Thus, a complete fabrication becomes established truth within the conservative mind.

For more insight into conservative mental health issues, see some of the comments posted by the monkeys at Little Green Turdballs in reference to this story.